RESIST Recording Sessions at Hallowed Halls

We recently spent some time at Hallowed Halls studio in Portland, recording our new EP, RESIST, with noted engineer Justin Phelps. The 5-song EP was written over the course of 2018-19, and is the first record with our new 5-star lineup!

Day 1 was spent in “the Big Room” at Hallowed Halls, the former Arleta Library building. We loved the sound of this room for recording drums, in particular, and we recorded most of the basic tracking in this room. Jamie Lynn was isolated in the vocal booth, of course. In the photo below you can see Justin working in the control room, dialing in our sound.

Hallowed Halls Main Room Hallowed Halls Big Room

All the staff at Hallowed Halls was great, and we got rolling pretty quickly through the tracks. Jordan’s new Mapex drum kit sounded big and dynamic in this space, and you can really hear this on the intro to Our Time.

Tracking on Day 1 got most of the instruments and some of the vocals recorded. We took some time to listen back in the control room with engineer Justin Phelps. Justin and his team kept it running smoothly and it helped us make efficient use of our time.

Day 2 of tracking was done in the beautiful Studio B, which included Bobbie knocking out bass tracks, and lots of guitar tracking from Craw and Billy. “One-Take Billy ” laid down some scorching guitar solos and texture tracks.

Bobbie Yeo Bobbie Craw Craw Billy Billy

Days 3 and 4 were spent tracking a lot of Jamie Lynn’s powerful vocals and starting some early mixing and tinkering with the sound.

Jamie Lynn Jamie Lynn[/caption]

When you’re not busy tracking new parts or working with Justin on tones, you might be hangin with your bandmates and polishing your sunglasses.

We took several more sessions to work on polishing the tracks and mixes before sending them off to be mastered.

Stay tuned for more news on our upcoming release!